My 2022 Campaign Election



Miguel Avila is an Indigenous man who lives in Toronto Centre Ward 13 — an activist advocating for his community at City Hall and on the streets since 2010. Miguel stands for social and environmental justice, with an emphasis on housing, food security, police accountability and animal rights issues. He ran in 2014 when Toronto had 44 Council seats  . He has three children: Michelle, Melissa and Michael. Currently, there is no Indigenous representation on council. Miguel Avila will be a strong voice for diversity and for fundamental change on city council.


I was one of over 30 activists arrested on the scene at “Lamport 2”, the violent mass eviction of the Lamport Stadium encampment. “Lamport 1” was a mere attempt the city had made, before being fought off by activists, and before passing a ‘zero encampments’ motion, along with a UNANIMOUS motion to take a ‘human rights approach’ to encampments, conveniently passing over the idea that housing is a human right, and then violently clearing three large encampments: Trinity, Alexandra, and “Lamport 2”, all to the tune of tens of millions of dollars

My Platform: 
Build Massive Social Housing Projects with Support Services
Raise the Minimum Wage to $25 an hour,
10 Sick Pay Days
Double double pension plans in Canada for our seniors, Double double the ODSP /OW in Toronto 
Create Good GREEN Jobs..
Free Transit 
Defund the Police by 50% 
Tax the Large Corporations 
and If Elected I promise to FIGHT DOUG FORD 
Did you know that the last “elected” Latino Indigenous was CESAR PALACIO from Ecuador, was 2 times elected but  lost his seat in 2018  ? Why? … because #DougFord cutting City Council from 44 seats to 26 that is SHAMEFUL
I am against the Mayor’s New Powers because it is a Threat to our Local Democracy 
 Toronto City Council does not have a LEADER to represent you at Council Chambers. There is an empty seat 💺 with my name on it

I want to be that INDIGENOUS Person at the TABLE and I PROMISE THAT Miguel Martin Avila-Velarde will put on the menu : Truth and Reconciliaction.. not just words but actions, radical changes for Our Community First, for Black, Indigenous , BIPOC 

With your help I will achieve that goal , ******Nothing about us Without us******** #torontocentre #regentpark

On October 24, 2022, #VoteMiguelAvilaWard13   

I support Gil Penaloza to be the next Mayor of Toronto