REGENT PARK COP WATCH and Expanding to other areas in Toronto….


Toronto’s first ever Social Housing Project “Regent Park” has had it’s share of the best and worst of both worlds.  The Toronto Police Services Board and the Current Chief, Mr. William Blair have made steps to improve the image of the Force and now is the time to seize the opportunity to make concrete progress toward harmonized relations with the public it serves. We believe that among the men in blue there are a great number of individuals that respect the law and strive to be tolerant and sincere. These are the people we want to commend and bring forward to the Board and the Chief for salutation for their great work in the community.

However, much distrust and fear exist between the TPS and the community of Regent Park. We will strive to mirror the interactions between the Police and the community of Regent Park. We are both very concerned about the current level of Police misconduct with brutality by members of the T.P.S  against youth, the aged, person with addictions and mental illness and homeless people in Regent Park. Unacceptable behavior including verbal, sexual, and physical abuse, racial profiling, privacy violations, gender discrimination, false arrest, harassment, and intimidation.


We will be coming into the community and speaking with those who live, work or visit the community and with those who are concerned or are fearful and will become a trusted source of witness and vigilance. We will  regularly patrol Regent Park ’s streets by car, bike, and on foot, observing and videotaping police interactions with the public without interfering with duties of the police. Our goal on patrols is to  document police interacts by members of the Toronto Police 51st. Division and members of T.A.V.I.S  ( Toronto Anti Violence Intelligence Strategy) and communicate with them on the streets and in their divisions.

We will be  out there observing, silently recording.  Patrolling if possible  day and night.  We will set up constant surveillance at fixed locations and live stream our work on the street in real time. Our Tools: digital and cell phone cameras and laptops and webcams and much of our work will be available on our Website : TorontoCopWatch.Wordpress.com


We, at Regent Park Copwatch, are not anti police nor will we interfere or obstruct any interaction we record. We believe the Police can be a force for good in the community, can be part of the solution. We will be in contact with the local Police Division Superintendent to show to them the progress of our work. Should we have concerns about conduct or actions we will provide the opportunity to find solutions . We believe we can work with the Division leaders  to survey, record and track misconduct, criminal or illegal actions in violation of their code of conduct by members of the Toronto Police Service. Personnel who serve and protect have nothing to hide and exemplary work will be similarly recorded and commended for their levels of professionalism, de escalation skills, compassion and commitment to service excellence.

“We do street patrols. We do surveillance on the police.”

Sincerely Yours

Toronto Cop Watch



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