2 comments on “Meet Toronto Police Service Constable John Cruz

  1. I had a run in with Officer Cruz. He stopped me outside my condo because my dog peed on the sidewalk. He was off duty, working as a duty officer for a construction company. For those who don’t know what that means, it means he’s wearing his uniform and everything but a private company like construction or film company is paying his wage, not Toronto Police. So he’s not ON DUTY as an officer. So anyways, he wasn’t allowed to charge me that day, so he came back the following Saturday.

    I should mention that dog peeing on street is not illegal and it was eventually thrown out in court. But the way he wrote the ticket (as a summons, not a ticket at all) meant I could not use my early resolution options, and had to go to court even though everyone told me it wasn’t illegal. I had to miss one day of work when the incident happened because he scared the hell out of me (totally aggressive, stalked me the whole day right outside my place and threatened to embarrass me at work and then one day to go to court, and I NEVER DID ANYTHING ILLEGAL.

    I’ve always been upset at the amount of discretion that officers have and this was a very personal example of that for me.

    If anyone else has a run in with Officer Cruz it is so important that you make a formal complaint to the IPRD. With enough incidents, patterns will be seen and established and he will eventually not be allowed to deal with the public. We want all the bad cops off the street so we don’t have to hate them all so much.

    Also, LAPEL CAMERAS ON EVERY OFFICER!!!! 2014, Canada, let’s lead the way!

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